Monday, 11 September 2017


in 1919 china it was very cold brezy 1am in the morning china herd about a unicorn apocalypse  there was a group of people there was jeff beatsy bob and betcy the unicorn squad!!!.They found out a man sciences man a liqud they turnd dead  people back to life but they were unicorns  people so the unicorn apocalypse has stred.chapter 1!!!.so they dident know exactly what those thinks were in tall people started screaming out side there door it was them lucky they prepare for this exactly for unicorn people  ripping cup  cakes  out of people rainbows every.They had lots of canned food water and guns,hand guns,m14,shot guns,rifles,snipers,assault rifles,ak47 and also knifes  machetes,spears,,daggers,blades the end to be continued..

                           THE VIRUS